Thanks for visiting Sandman Custom Lures. My name is Dan and I started this company for one reason… I love to fish! I have been bass fishing for years and it has brought so much to my life in so many ways. I am a bass fisherman through and through and I opened this business because I love the sport. I originally decided to make jigs because nothing on the market perfectly suited my needs. There are many jigs out there but none of them had everything I was looking for so I decided to make my own. I began making jigs solely for personal use with no intention of turning it into a business. However, when my jigs started producing big fish my friends began asking if they could buy some. Thus the business venture began and has evolved into what you see today.

At Sandman Custom Lures we manufacture what we believe to be the best bass fishing jigs on the market. Whether you’re a pro, a weekend warrior or a casual fisherman you’ll want to have our jigs in your tackle box. We’ve taken jig fishing to the next level by not compromising on anything. We use premium materials and each jig is hand crafted with extreme care and attention to detail . Whether you’re fishing from the boat or from the shore, in a  tournament or hanging out with friends, these jigs will flat out catch fish. We take pride in our work and welcome your feedback.